Alpine Mechanical Services LLC

Our History

Our History

Alpine Mechanical Services, LLC was incorporated April 2003. As founder and President of the company, Mark Barraclough has more than 30 years’ experience in the HVAC industry, with over 20 years working in the retail industry. Mark was also Founder and President of another HVAC self-performing service provider for 13 years prior to opening Alpine Mechanical Services.

Initially Alpine Mechanical Services’ efforts were focused on the retail market. Expanding into the full, multi-site commercial arena was a natural fit for our organization, however Alpine Mechanical Services’ first direct customer was Radio Shack, and we now have dozens of customers among the leaders in national retailing and commercial properties.

Alpine Mechanical Services started in 2003 in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Through acquisition, we moved into the Pittsburgh area, New England, Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. Our next expansion in 2007 brought us into the sunshine state of Florida, followed by expansion into Eastern Virginia through the Chesapeake area in late 2010, and most recently into the New York City area..

Mark Barraclough Founder and President