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Meet Erich Mosher, Regional Service Manager

Meet Erich Mosher, Regional Service Manager

Introducing Alpine HVAC Professionals:
Meet Erich Mosher, Regional Service Manager for Pennsylvania

Alpine is showcasing some of our senior staff who will share their perspectives on HVAC Servicing.
Alpine Mechanical Services, as you know is one of the leading HVAC teams servicing clients from Florida to Massachusetts.

First we meet Erich Mosher, our Regional Service Manager for Pennsylvania, his responsibilities stretch from Philadelphia to Altoona, from New York to Maryland. He guides a crack team of HVAC field technicians, to achieve their own heights of performance. We invited him to share a few thoughts about what it takes to be a top notch HVAC professional with ALPINE MECHANICAL SERVICES.

The first thing Erich mentioned was the team spirit and the professionalism at ALPINE. He knows that there are firms in the industry, where every tech is under pressure to speed, speed, speed, do the quick fix and is largely ridden and micromanaged from the second they get on the road, until they park the truck at the end of the day. Erich says, Alpine has respect for its HVAC field technicians, you are given the freedom to problem solve without someone, breathing down your neck with every tick of the clock. Erich said, “as a HVAC professional with Alpine, you’ll see something new every day.”

He also praised not just the freedom to use your own judgment to problem solve, but you are aided by our comprehensive STATE-OF-THE-ART, Service Manuals. And he praised the culture at Alpine Mechanical Services, where he has found a real respect for the employees and a invaluable family-friendly flexibility when necessities arise.

Erich also praised Alpines field guidelines that allow for independent thinking, you’ll find, no micro-managing and sales pressure here. Another ALPINE philosophy that works for Erich is the requirement that each service call bring the equipment back into full manufacturers spec. No half measures, or jury rigging for ALPINE’s customers. He looks at it very simply. He says – “If you do it correctly the first time, you won’t be troubled by angry call backs. If you do it right the first time, you’ll have satisfied customers.”

He also pointed to the full benefit package that ALPINE provides from day one, he said there are few firms, that care and support their HVAC technical staff with not just a good family friendly work culture, but also provide an industry leading benefits package.

If you are a senior HVAC technician ready to shine and climb to the top – call us at ALPINE, we’d like to talk to you about career opportunities.

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